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Count on total system integrity

A working septic system is a complicated thing... and there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don't get the installation done right. You could end up with foul, discolored water in your home, bad odors in your yard, and a lot worse.


Rest easy. No matter what Vic's Septic builds for you, your septic system installation comes backed with our 1-year guarantee, nearly 20 years of personal experience in the business, and a reputation that dates back to 1931.


Our complete approach includes installation of lines, tanks and drainage fields. We install separate drainage service for water softeners and furnaces - which keep damaging salts out of your regular septic tank. And we also can connect you to city water and sewer lines. Ask for a FREE estimate!

Keep your septic system working

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the key to getting the most effective use out of your septic system. Let Vic's Septic Tank Service keep your system in proper order.

Building the best we can for your dollar

All our septic work comes with a 1-year guarantee